Align, Enhance, Certify
DQ Global Standards for Digital Literacy and Digital Skills

Are you working on Digital Literacy, Digital Skills, or Digital Readiness?

We have the same goal – digital empowerment for all.

It starts from empowering ourselves – digital skills program providers (e.g., companies, organizations, trainers, schools and governments who provide digital literacy and digital skills programs to citizens).

DQ Seal is the DQ Institute’s global coordination effort to empower digital skills program providers that provide:

  • education and training
  • assessment
  • research
  • gaming
  • other media or technology
  • any innovation

related to digital literacy, digital skills, or digital readiness, to become aligned with, enhanced by, and/or certified by DQ Global Standards (IEEETM 3527.1).

We will no longer work in silos. We will work together and collectively create large-scale impacts.

Global Coordination

Using DQ Global Standards, We Coordinate, Empower and Measure Digital Skills Initiatives Worldwide.


Our researchers objectively review and/or help enhance your program based on the DQ Global Standards (IEEETM 3527.1) as a common language and framework for digital literacy and digital skills.

The DQ Seal indicates that your program delivers high-quality learning experiences to users that are either 1) aligned with, 2) developed or enhanced by, or 3) measured and certified by one or more of the 24 digital competencies in the DQ Global Standards. The DQ Seal will enhance the quality, visibility, and reach of your program.

With the DQ Seal, your program will be part of the global coordination project to achieve our collective mission of digital empowerment for all. It will be linked with micro-certification and the global index for the DQ Global Standards. This can demonstrate the impact of your programs based on the global benchmarks of the DQ global databank and analytic system.


The DQ Aligned Seal endorses programs on digital literacy, skills and readiness (e.g. products, services, resources, and/or tools) that are aligned with one or more of the 24 digital competencies in the DQ Global Standards. By being part of the DQ Aligned Seal, your program will be part of a Global Digital Skills Map that landscapes digital skills programs, identifies digital skills gaps, and shares the best practices.

Benefits of DQ Aligned Seal recipients:

  • Recognized as Co-Creators of the DQ Global Standards:
    Your programs are endorsed to be aligned with the DQ Global Standards. Your best practices and impact will be featured in the DQ Reports.
  • Enhance the quality of your programs: We will provide an objective evaluation of your programs’ strengths and areas for improvement based on global benchmarks that enable your programs to reach new heights.
  • Connect to a high-quality network: You will be part of a global community of leading experts and players in the digital intelligence field. You will also be invited to DQ Institute’s member-only events that feature opportunities for collaboration.

As technology advances, the DQ Institute is dedicated to the worldwide implementation and continual enhancement of the DQ Global Standards. Your programs and feedback will contribute to the DQ Global Standards iterative review process by our international committee of experts to keep up with the evolving digital world.

3 Steps to be a DQ Aligned

Step 1:

Online Application

Start the process for the DQ Aligned Seal by completing the online application. The cost of evaluation for the DQ Aligned Seal is USD 5,000.

Step 2:


DQ Institute’s panel of evaluators will assess the application to ascertain the program’s alignment to the DQ Global Standards. The DQ Seal Report on the program will be prepared.

Step 3:


Upon the approval of your program after due diligence has been completed, the DQ Aligned Seal and the DQ Seal Report will be sent to you. See sample DQ Seal Report here


Case Study:

Program Name: LEGO® Build & Talk
Distributor: the LEGO Group
Audience: Parents and their Children aged 6-10

Overview: The digital world need not be scary and unsafe if both parents and kids were equipped to face it together. The LEGO® Build & Talk activities are a series of challenges and tools for parents to learn and have a relaxed but useful conversation with their kids about their life whether it is through online videos, games, or messages.

Why DQ? Having the program objectively evaluated in alignment with the DQ micro-badges and DQ digital citizenship skills helped Lego® identify the strengths and weaknesses of their program.

“We are proud to receive the [DQ Seal] recognition for our activities and programs. It confirms that our approach on focusing on key topics that makes an impact and improves parents’ abilities to engage and through that, children’s safety and wellbeing, is the right one.” – Dieter Carstensen, Director, Head of Digital Child Safety, the LEGO Group

DQ Micro-badges Associated with this Program:
PM1.1 PM2.1 PM2.2 DQ2.3 DQ3.2 DQ3.3 DQ3.4 DQ4.1 DQ4.3 DQ6.2 DQ7.3

Case Study:

Program Name: Digital Fluency @ ISL
Distributor: International School of Luxembourg
Audience: Boys and girls aged 5-16

Overview: Imagine an entire community of students, parents, school leaders, teachers, and staff all learning together to become digitally fluent. The Digital Fluency @ISL program was implemented in 2017 to develop digital fluency and literacy by infusing DQ digital intelligences into the curriculum and community learning with the support of the Digital Learning Coaches in both the Upper and Lower School. This is done in close collaboration with teaching staff through lessons, units and small group session with parents, staff and students. As part of the work the Digital Learning Coaches and Head of Education and Media Technology have also worked presenting to other international schools at conferences and professional development events.

Why DQ? No program is too big or too small to become DQ Aligned. The DQ Aligned application was submitted by Head of Education and Media Technology, John Mikton.

“DQ Framework and 8 digital intelligences provide a concrete set of reference points, frameworks which allows ISL as a school to build upon our units of learning to ensure we are authentically addressing these important skills, knowledge and values in the learning pathways. The DQ Seal will highlight our commitment to working on the DQ framework and the 8 digital intelligences, and also acknowledge a lot of ground work done throughout the school over the last three years with the support of our Digital Learning Coaches.” – John Mikton, Head of Education and Media Technology


Case Study:

Program Name: Iowa Digital Literacy: Critical Thinking Tools that Make Sense
Distributor: The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa
Audience: Children aged 8-18

Overview: With unsafe media consumption being a powerful influence on youth and adolescent high-risk behavior, the Iowa Digital Literacy Project and Programs are designed to help develop critical thinking skills that will equip the youth to engage in media consumption safely and responsibly. This is done in collaboration with scientific and professional institutions with Iowa State University, Mayo Health Systems, various Iowa public and private education systems and a host of public and private coalition partners.

Why DQ? Digital literacy is a building block to learning that may enhance long-term educational outcomes as well as behavioral and health related goals. Its alignment with the DQ framework has been an effort initiated by Professor Douglas Gentile, a lead researcher of the Partnership for a Healthy Iowa. By being DQ Aligned, Iowa co-creates with DQ Institute a community of learning and best practices in teaching digital skills.

“Iowa has a legacy of leading in educational achievement that requires continuous quality improvement. This alignment with the DQ Institute takes Iowa into the future with a true Global collaboration that will provide young Iowans with the skills to be Global leaders.” – Peter Komendowski, President, The Partnership for A Healthy Iowa


Empower Digital
Skills Programs to
Enhance Content,
Reach & Research

Using DQ Global Standards, we support organizations to:

  • develop their own high quality localized content.
  • connect local NGOs and companies to distribute digital skills training.
  • develop research and the development of national or industry standards for digital literacy and digital skills (e.g. school curriculums and/or company training in collaboration with local universities)

1. Enhancement for Content

Are you interested in enhancing your programs to cover more DQ MBs to provide more holistic, high-quality education for your users?
DQI can help you license out various types of best-of-breed learning content related to the DQ MBs you are interested in enhancing.

Case Study:

Program Name: LEGO Online Hero Powered by DQ
Distributor: the LEGO Group
Audience: Children aged 6-12

Overview: Who says DQ can’t be fun? With LEGO Online Hero Powered by DQ, the four (4) Micro-badges of Digital Empathy – Empathy, Kindness, Perspective Thinking, and Self-awareness – have come to life in fun and engaging characters that will inspire kids to become digital empaths who actively build, improve, and use their empathy skills when engaging with others.

Why DQ? Through DQ Enhanced, the LEGO Group’s content is now enriched to become more holistic and effective for kids who love to play and learn about digital empathy at the same time.

“In order to create evidence based, impactful and credible digital citizenship activities, we wanted to team up with the best. DQI is able to deliver on all of these elements in addition to sharing our vision of positively impacting children through building skills that are relevant and critical to their current and future life situations. – Dieter Carstensen, Director, Head of Digital Child Safety, the LEGO Group

2. Enhancement for Reach

Did you know that your programs can reach other regions with more training opportunities?
DQI can help you link with relevant international or local distribution partners through our global partner network.

Case Study:

Program Name: TikTok Family Safety Toolkit Powered by DQ
Distributor: TikTok
Audience: Parents and Teens

Overview: A fun and safe digital experience is what every parent wishes for their teens. Powered by DQ, TikTok created a Family Safety Toolkit embedded with the Top 10 Digital Parenting Tips based on the DQ Digital Parenting Micro-Badges that are easy to follow, developing teens to become good digital citizens. This Toolkit also provides simple and practical guidance on how to implement these tips using TikTok Family Safety Tools.

Why DQ? By being DQ Enhanced, TikTok has extended its reach to seven (7) Asia Pacific markets with the help of DQ Institute’s global partnership network. Because of this, families across the region can now enjoy creating and consuming video content responsibly and safely.

“We’re excited to partner with DQ Institute to launch the TikTok Family Safety Toolkit aligned with the DQ framework, the world’s first global standard of digital literacy and digital skills. One of our highest priorities at TikTok is to keep our community safe and we’re happy to co-develop this Toolkit as a comprehensive digital parenting guide to help educate families on online safety and digital citizenship through a wide range of policies, tools and resources available on TikTok.” – Arjun Narayan Bettadapur, Director, Trust & Safety, TikTok, Asia Pacific

3. Enhancement for Research

Are you interested in developing research related to your national standards?
DQI can support the research and development of national standards through the DQ Global Standards and research network.

Case Study:

Program Name: Enhanced Digital Skills for Lifelong Learning
Distributor: World Bank
Audience: Ministry of Education and Science in the Kyrgyz Republic

Overview: DQ framework is the world’s first global standards for digital literacy, digital skills, and digital readiness. The program for Enhanced Digital Skills for Lifelong Learning assesses, builds capacity, and empowers schools and teachers to enhance their delivery of digital education and literacy for students’ lifelong learning and readiness in a global knowledge-based economy.

Why DQ? We appreciate the exhaustive, research-based approach of the DQ Institute and hope that working with DQ Institute will develop an ICT skills framework for teachers and students for the Kyrgyz Republic that is comparable to global standards. Specifically this project will allow schools and teachers in the Kyrgyz Republic to benefit from international best practices in digital skills development for lifelong learning.





Measure, Monitor,
and Track Progress
& Impact

Are you interested in including individual assessment and certification functions in your programs?

Would you like to be part of the global DQ Index and part of global impact monitoring?

By embedding our common assessment tools to your program, we will help you monitor the efficacy and impact of your program through data analytics based around a global databank. Moreover, your program can be connected to a globally accepted certificate for individuals and organizations to demonstrate themselves to be digitally ready, trustworthy, and secure.

Your program will be part of DQ Index and collectively, we will measure, monitor, and track the global and local progress of digital skills training and its impact worldwide.

DQ Certified Seal

DQ Assessment Tools & Analytics

DQ Index

Case Study:

Program Name: eSmart Digital Licence
Distributor: Alannah & Madeline Foundation (AMF) and Accenture
Audience: Primary Digital Licence (ages 8-12) and Secondary Digital Licence (ages 12-15)

Overview: The eSmart Digital Licence is Australia’s #1 online safety education program that has helped protect 278,000 students across Australia and New Zealand to stay safe online, with the help of teachers and parents. The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, in collaboration with Accenture and DQI, will upgrade the Digital Licence to align with the DQ Global Standards and to address Accenture’s Skills to Succeed.

Why DQ? The DQ Certification of the Foundation’s eSmart Digital Licence utilizes DQ Common Assessment tools that measure individual, school-wide, and region-wide impact. It builds and feeds into global data that validate a program’s success and effectiveness in truly safeguarding children online, and continuously shapes the program based on the DQ framework in increasing digital intelligence to the most digitally disadvantaged.

“The support from Accenture and DQ Institute will enable us to bridge the digital divide which contributes to inequity in education and limits future opportunities for so many children…This ground-breaking partnership will ensure the next generation will be able to be part of the global economy.” – Lesley Podesta, CEO of Alannah & Madeline Foundation (AMF)





Be a DQ Seal

DQ Seal Champions are world leading organizations who spur the growth of the DQ Co-Creator Community by supporting Edtechs, NGOs and startups in their efforts to align with the DQ Global Standards through sponsorship and knowledge sharing.

As a DQ Seal Champion, you benefit from:

  • Strategic Positioning: Your organization will be publicly recognized for efforts in growing a global community of NGOs, Ed-techs and/or start-ups in the digital intelligence field.
  • Showcase of Expertise: Your organization can define the strategic focus of your support and lead in this chosen field of expertise.
  • Access to a Networking Platform: Your organization can access players in the global digital intelligence community and stay ahead of latest trends.


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