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From Crisis to Digital Readiness Opportunity

#DQEveryChild is a collaborative effort with our global partners to urgently provide a Child Digital Readiness Kit to families and schools around the world for free during the school shut-down and to support nations enhancing children’s digital readiness and online safety.

We are looking for partners who can support this cause through funding. We aim to empower more than 10 million children around the world by leveraging our collective power.

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35,000Children Supported
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Australia second only to Spain when it comes to child safety online, index reveals



Malaysia and Singapore ranked top 5 for best child online safety, says think tank



Infographic: Child online safety



British children stare at screens for 44 hours per week, says first global Child Online Safety Index


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February 09 ,2021
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October 09 ,2020
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Infographic: Child online safety
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February 13 ,2020
Australia second only to Spain when it comes to child safety online, index reveals
Press Release
February 13 ,2020
British children stare at screens for 44 hours per week, says first global Child Online Safety Index
Press Release
February 13 ,2020
Youngsters aged eight to 19 stare at smartphone or TV screens for 44 hours each week, new report reveals


Cyber-Pandemic and Mental Health Crisis



Every Child Can Learn Global Standard Digital Citizenship Skills to Minimize risks and Maximize Digital Potentials

Digital Citizenship

Open Letter to Industry Leaders and Policy Makers

Children are facing a strange new world in response to COVID-19, with schools closing, fewer services available, and a tremendous increase in unregulated screen time and online access. Children were already suffering from too little support, as evidenced by 60% of 8- to 12-year-olds across 30 countries reporting at least one cyber-risk in the past year. The risks are varied, including cyber-bullying and victimization, risky meetings, gaming addiction, privacy problems, and risky content, and false news. These risks can lead to serious outcomes, such as poorer social adjustment, poor school performance, and poor health.

We have been working on solutions to help children become digitally resilient, but many of these solutions used existing platforms such as school systems and teachers to help guide and teach children. With schools closing in response to COVID-19, the risks will increase and the opportunities to train and support children have decreased. We know from decades of research with children and adolescents that the number one predictor of risks (such as cyber-bullying and gaming disorder) is access, and children’s access has just increased dramatically.

We need an immediate response to help children gain in digital citizenship, not pretending that we can keep children from every possible risk, but by giving them the tools to be able to respond, adapt, and grow. We need both novel and traditional methods for delivering digital citizenship training.

Luckily, DQ Institute has been developing global standards digital citizenship tools to help children become smart, responsible, and future-ready digital citizen who can minimize cyber-risks and maximize their digital potentials. We have tools. We need your help to get them to children quickly, while this window of opportunity is open and before children have settled into a “new normal” where they uncritically consume as much media as possible.

We are looking for partners, both to help fund a fast and broad roll-out of the Child Digital Readiness Kit and to help distribute it through global partner networks.

By using 1-2 hours per day of their new free time over 8 days with our engaging educational content, children will become better able to use technology wisely with critical thinking in the rest of their free time. By practicing with our e-learning solution, they will become better able to adapt to changes in education and, ultimately, the workforce. Moreover, we support nations by monitoring their national level of children’s digital readiness and online safety through Child Online Safety Index.

Please join us to use the opportunities offered by this crisis to grow a wiser, healthier and more resilient generation of children.

Thank you.

Yuhyun Park PhD is the founder of DQ Institute

Douglas Gentile PhD is the Chair of Research Committee, DQ Institute, and Professor at Iowa State University

The fund will enable us to:

  • Create awareness and keep children safe online
  • Give children free access to our 8-Day DQ World education program to learn digital citizenship
  • Give parents a chance to make their family more digitally ready with parenting resources and reports to help them improve their child’s DQ at home
  • Give teachers the tools and resources to work with their students remotely
  • Acknowledge and monitor the impact of DQ to further enhance the Child Online Safety Index


#DQEveryChild is a strategic global movement to empower 8-12 year olds with comprehensive digital citizenship skills from the start of their digital lives. The movement started in collaboration with Singtel and the World Economic Forum, and has quickly expanded to include over 100 partner organizations and was active in more than 80 countries in 2019.

Watch the video to learn more!

Child Digital Readiness Kit

8-Day Home-Based E-Learning for Children (Ages 8-12) and Parents


For 8 days, children learn the 8 Digital Citizenship Skills by going online to with minimal support from parents and teachers.


As children complete each Digital Citizenship Skill, parents get a DQ Scorecard via email detailing their child’s progress and exposure to cyber-risks.


Parents receive a digital copy of the DQ Parenting Handbook to help them improve their entire family’s DQ.

DQ World is a world leading online education platform to teach children ages 8-12 the 8 Digital Citizenship Skills. It empowers them to become informed and discerning digital citizens.

  • Research-Based: Developed in collaboration with leading research institutions across the globe
  • Comprehensive: Targets knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and behaviors in relation to the 8 digital citizenship skills
  • Internationally Recognized: Acknowledged by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Proven Education Approach: Awarded twice by UNESCO (2012; 2013)
  • Accessible: Only requires a computer with an Internet connection
  • Scalable: Can be used across the world in small- and large-scale settings
  • 8 Languages Available: Arabic, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese
  • Low Maintenance: Self-directed learning with minimal support from parents
  • Interactive: Keeps children engaged through a gamified storytelling approach with animated content, comics, and lessons


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Reduction of Risky Online Behaviour


Critical Thinking, Empathy & Global Citizenship Skills


“Outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship!”
-Ms. Irina Bokov
UNESCO Director-General
“An integrated multimedia play and learn experience.”
-The Lego Foundation
“The pupils definitely learnt useful cyber wellness tips from this program.”
-Ms Eugenia Greendale Primary School

DQ Reports

World’s First Assessment of Digital
Citizenship Based on Research

After completion of each skill on DQ World, parents and schools can receive a DQ Skill Report. Upon completion of the entire programme, parents and schools can purchase the DQ Individual Scorecards and DQ School Premium Reports respectively.

The DQ Reports provides a comprehensive summary of children’s digital lives including digital competency, usage, exposure to cyber dangers, personal strengths, and their digital support environment as compared to other schools and age groups in their nation. Students are assessed in the following areas:

DQ Skills

Assessment of the child’s mastery of the eight core digital citizenship competencies and improvement after completion of the DQ World online curriculum. National averages are included for comparison.

Personal Strengths

Assessment of the child’s personal strengths across the areas of global citizenship, social relationships, self efficacy, self regulation, emotional regulation and balance of offline and online reality.

Balanced Use of Technology and Media

Provides useful information on the child’s weekly screen time for entertainment, social media, etc.

Exposure to Cyber-Risks

Indicates the child’s exposure to cyber-risks including online strangers, game addiction, cyberbullying, cyber victimization, etc.

Guidance and Support

Indicates the degree of guidance and parental mediation the child feels he or she receives.

DQ Scorecards

DQ Individual Scorecards are available for parents.

DQ Individual Scorecard

The DQ Individual Scorecard gives a snapshot of 1 of the 8 digital citizenship skills of your child and includes a skill score, comparisons to national and global averages, and other insightful information in relationship to your child’s score.

DQ School Scorecard

The DQ School Scorecard gives a snapshot of 1 of the 8 digital citizenship skills of your school which includes a skill score, comparisons to national and global averages, and other insightful information in relationship to your entire school’s score.

DQ Premium Reports
DQ School Premium Report

The School Premium Report provides aggregate DQ scores of school participants, compared with national results; as well as in-depth analysis and recommendations according to the five main areas. There will also be an actionable plan for intervention for high-risk students.

DQ National Reports
DQ National Reports

The DQ National Report assesses the national DQ Score of 8-12 year old children. It aims to report general findings and provide evidence-based recommendations to advance national policies on digital education and online safety for children. If you are interested in obtaining DQ National Reports for your county, please contact us.

Supporting Programs and Resources

The following programs and resources are from our like-minded partners who are also dedicated to ensuring our children are safe online. Click the program below to go directly to their site and explore them.

World’s first DQ to measure digital knowledge, skills and behaviours

Award-winning programme

Awarded twice by UNESCO in 2012 & 2013

Proven to be scientifically effective

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Tried & tested on over 600,000 students worldwide

Any child can freely, easily self-learn through fun play & learn online experiences

Backed by robust research and constantly updated

Easily scalable! Can be implemented in any country

A holistic approach, nurturing identity & values